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Uttara Women Medical College

The concept of a Medical College exclusively for women is not a new one, particularly in our socio-cultural background.

Medical College For Women and Hospital, Bangladesh is one of the best and the safest college for girls. There are examples of such medical colleges in neighboring countries. There is already an awareness in the society for the enhancement of technical education in the female population.

The Bangladesh Government has already taken positive steps in the field of teachers’ training in the education sector. At present the female quota of admission in medical colleges is far too low and as such many talented girls could not be admitted in this noble profession. Moreover, some conservative families want their female children in an atmosphere like this.

Uttara women’s medical college, Bangladesh is counted as one of the popular and prominent colleges of Bangladesh. The institution is situated in the capital city of Bangladesh i.e. Dhaka. It was established in 1992 to offer quality medical education to all local and international students of Bangladesh at an affordable cost. Dhaka University has affiliated Medical College for Women and Hospital as a constituent college.

About Uttara women's Medical College and Hospital:

Uttara Women’s Medical College and the hospital is a well-equipped hospital delivering both general and specialized services including ICU, CCU, NICU, HDU, and Dialysis unit. There are 500 bedded teaching hospitals attached to the college.

Library: The College has a library with wide collections of books, journals, and periodicals.

Labs: The institute has a well-equipped lab on the campus with modern equipment and tools.

Computer lab: The institute has a well-equipped computer lab on the campus with the latest computer machines and tools.

Gym:The institute has a gym on the campus with modern machines and tools like dumbbells and treadmills.

There will be also a training center for nurses & paramedics in this complex so that a good number of students will be trained in nursing and other specialties who will fill the demands of nurses and other specialties in the government, non-government hospitals, and foreign countries.

This Medical College & Hospital has already created a job opportunity for about 300 doctors, 100 nurses, paramedics, and other technical and non-technical persons directly. It will thus help to develop the National Economy (GDP).

The proposed hospital, of this Medical College, will ultimately cater to 500 beds with all specialties like Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Kidney Unit, Neuro-surgical Unit, etc. The Hospital will provide the laboratory facilities and the immunization facilities to the society. It will add to a demand in the Health Services to the people and will also save foreign travel and foreign exchange in near future. This whole project is a non-profitable, voluntary, social work & self income generating. The source of income is from trustee funds and later on voluntary donations, students’ tuition fees and development charges, patients’ payments for hospital treatment, NGOs, and from any other legal sources when offered.

Faculty of Uttara Women’s Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh: The college has a lively and comfortable environment. Various cultural, sports activities and events are organized to keep students mentally and physically fit.

All Indian national festivals are celebrated on the campus to ensure that the students stay connected to their roots and they don’t miss out on festivities while studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

The college offers safe and comfortable accommodation for all international students. The rooms are offered on a twin sharing basis. All hostel rooms are fully furnished with a central cooling and heating system. The hostel also offers laundry facilities.

Indian food is available for students to mess at subsidized rates.


Why study in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a developing country with current GDP above 7.3 percent.

Quality of Education in Bangladesh The MBBS program at Mh Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh aims at conferring quality education and training to students to help them in contributing to the growth of the health and medicine sector. The curriculum is designed to encourage a culture of teamwork, medical scientific inquiry, and enduring learning for the students and the guidance used includes distinct pedagogy/learning methods that purvey to different learning characteristics of a culturally assorted group of students like lectures, small group teaching, computer workshops, laboratory classes, and problem-based learning.


Bangladesh MBBS reviews are highly satisfied by the Parents or Students community. You can also check the reviews of many universities like Mh Samorita Medical College, Bangladesh. FMGE (MCI Screening Test) High success rate Indian Medical graduates from Bangladesh which indicates the Quality of MBBS in Bangladesh is very high.

Medical College For Women and Hospital, Dhaka Fee Structure:

The fee structure of Uttara women’s Medical college Dhaka is not high. It is quite affordable for the students and for the parents too.

Uttara women’s medical college admission fees structure in rupees

Advantages of studying in Uttara Women Medical College Bangladesh
  • The University offers high-quality education at world standards and other facilities made available at affordable tuition fees and in flexible installments.
  • The Uttara Hospital is a center of quality and affordability for patient service.
  • The University has highly knowledgeable, resourceful, and dedicated faculty and staff strength who are masters in their fields, to impart world-class education to the young minds.
  • Uttara women’s medical college Bangladesh has modern infrastructure with an extensive Central library with reference books, study rooms, four lecture theatres, super-specialized digitized laboratories, dissection halls, demonstration rooms, museums, and a fully equipped auditorium.
  • It also has premium facilities, like a hostel, cafeteria, playgrounds, sports complex, and cultural activity center. Students can also avail of facilities like internet, computer, website, email, scanners, multimedia, and other audiovisual aids.
  • The college resorts to a unique educational policy of multidisciplinary approach via combining fundamentals of medical science, clinical practices, and today’s information technology tools. This ensures equipping students with quality medical education.
  • The University promotes and nurtures extracurricular activities in students, and gives a lot of opportunities in cultural activities, like wall magazine, art, dance, music, debate, etc.
  • Uttara women’s medical college Bangladesh promises the overall development of the students by combining modern teaching techniques, practical knowledge, extracurricular activities, and opens up a window of opportunities via national and international scientific forums.
  • The college offers accommodation facilities for the international as well as national students in fully furnished hostels, with beds, mess facilities, and canteen.

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